Dynamics 365 Business Central Mobile App - Add item pictures

 A simple request from a recent launch. 'We want to add images of the items from the Lab, can we easily do this from the BC app on our phones?'

Yes you can! Here is how 

Download and connect to BC on your phone

Visit the items list - you can search for the pages now 

These screen shorts are from the Android version of the BC mobile app running on an emulated Pixel 5

The Role Center on Mobile

Access the Items list via the menu or search function

Pick the item you wish to update

Tap the title area - to access the Fact Box features

Tap the Picture caption and then Take from the menu to activate your phones camera.

The system lets you review the image before you replace the current image. If you want to record more images, these can be added as attachments. The Picture image is the image that will display in the item list.

That's it - very easy.

If you waned to do a bulk upload of images instead that's also possible - Importing Many Item Pictures from a ZIP File - Business Central | Microsoft Learn 

For other image related requirements check out the amazing 'Dynamics 365 Lab' by Yun Zhu, as he has a number of different examples