Dynamics 365 BC - Transfer Environment - Tested & Timed

 A new button on the top level BC admin portal menu is a rare event, on this post I run through the steps to test & time the transfer process.

Transfer an environment to another Microsoft Entra organization - Business Central | Microsoft Learn

Step 1: Initiate the transfer from source tenancy 

Initiation of environment transfer

Step 2: Accept transfer on target tenancy 

Accept incoming transfer

Step 3: Wait a moment

The source tenancy will show the queued operation log

In the time it too me to draft the above bit of this article the transfer had completed!

The target tenancy showing the creation of the transfer environment 

Step 4: Complete post transfer steps

All the old users remain visible but will have no access. In the past I have simply disabled these. 

The Admin accounts old tenancy (red) / new tenancy (green)
  • I did need to create a brand new admin account and grant the Azure role "Dynamics 365 Admin" as the existing admin account on the tenancy didn't get granted the SUPER permission for some reason. 
  • Then I was able to run the Update Users action
You will need to check and add the security groups on the new tenancy, even if they are named the same, since BC tracked them by the GUID they will likely need to be removed and re-added from the BC Security Groups page. The page warns you with a notification bar.

Adding the new Azure Security Groups on the new tenancy in BC

In summary

Overall 5 stars to the Microsoft team that implement this new feature - its very easy to use and FAST. 

In the past needing partner DAP/GDAP Global Admin access on both tenancies to request the transfer was a major issue!