Photo Station QNAP

If after trying the in-built photo web service for a bit you give up on it. Which is inevitable as its terribly slow, using normal home broadband in any case. It can be a pain to then remove all the thumbs clogging up your photo archive. But this can be done simply via SSH just move all the contents of the .@__thumb folders created to a single folder, check your not deleting anything you dont want to then wax the lot.

# ipkg install findutils

The QNAP standard find command doesn't support the '-exec' expression, which allows another function to be run on each file found. So you will need to run the above commant to install findutils

# findutils-find /parent_directory/*/.@__thumb/ -type f -name '*' -exec mv {} /thumbs_bin/. \;

Using this will find all the files (-type f) that match * (-name '*') in all the .@__thumb folders in the sub-folders of the parent_directory/ and move each one to the /thumbs_bin folder.

# rmdir ./*/.@__thumb

This will clean up the directory structure and remove all the .@__thumb folders.

Update: Photo Station is now usable! It creates the thumbs much quicker and web access us totally usable. Sharing also works well.