Merge and Staple

Problem: Mail merge and have your copier staple/fold/insert special pages/etc

When processing a merge, word creates a multi-record file and sends this as a single job to the printer. So, for example, your 2 page letter with 500 merge records appears at the printer as a 1000 page document. The printer simply sees a single file and prints it. So if you set it to staple, it will not staple every 2 pages. Also any special pages, i.e. 1st page on headed 2nd page on plain etc only work on the 1st and 2nd page of the 1000 page document, the remaining 1998 pages will print with the default job settings.

Solution: Mail Merge Macro 

Create a macro with the code below, setup your requirements in printer prefs and then run the macro when you are ready to print - instead of using the usual Finish and Merge button. The macro causes word to send each merge record as a separate job to the printer, so all the finishing will work as normal. One word of warning be sure you know how to 'clear all' print jobs queued on your copier. If for any reason you need to abandon the whole print job you do not want to be lumbered with clearing 1000 jobs from the queue individually.

For some excellent MS Word tips, like creating individual files from a merge, and just about anything else you can think of check out Graham Mayor's page.