Lamb and leek hotpot

Possibly the tastiest thing to be made in the cast iron casserole dish..

I think the secret to the success of these is the fresh local ingredients, gower potatoes and local lamb. The butcher diced up a nice bit of lamb for me, on request he also included the bones that he removed for use in the stock.

Here is the rundown:

50g Butter
400g leeks
1 onion
800g lamb, cubed
1 tbsp flour
1 tbsp oil
salt & pepper
800g waxy potatoes, sliced thin
some chopped parsley
some chopped thyme
300ml lamb stock
150ml double cream

Get your monster casserole pot on the fire add some oil and melt 1/2 the butter. Add the onions and leeks and cool slowly until nice and soft ~10mins.
Cover the lamb cubes with flour add salt a pepper.
Remove the leeks and onion to a separate bowl and add the meat to the pot to brown off garlic can go in now also. Once all browned off remove to a separate bowl.
Take the pot off the heat and layer half the potatoes in the bottom, add salt and pepper.
Add the meat then cover with the leek and onion. Finish off with the rest of the potatoes to make a covering layer on the top. Add the stock then put the pot back on the heat until just starting to bubble.
Add the lid and bung the whole thing in the oven, that you had pre-heated to 160oC. Cook the beast for about 2hrs.
After this remove the lid, add the rest of the butter in dobs and add the cream. Cook for a further 30-40mins with lid off until the top is all golden looking.
Lastly add the chopped herbs to the top.

It's a real beauty this one as you have potatoes, meat and vedge all in the one pot, thus saving on the washing up. Although it's also nice to serve with some additional veggies like carrots.