Blackberry keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are always good to know. Here is a list of the handy ones for a Blackberry 8900.

General functions

Any text fields
Shift+roll ball: highlight text
Shift+Del: cut
Alt+click ball: copy
Shift+click ball: paste

In lists and web pages
Space: page down
Shift+Space: page up

Home screen
Tying: will start a search of your contacts, except the number keys that will also enter that number
Green handset: recent calls. also when on a call after you went to the menus this takes you back to the phonecall screen.
Q: hold down to turn on Vibrate only profile.

E: next message with an error.
R: starts a reply to the selected message, using the same address it was sent to.
T: goto the top of the list.
U: next unread message.
P: previous day
S: starts a search
F: froward selected message
J: next message with same subject
K: prev message with same subject
L: reply-to-all for selected message
Del: deletes message
C: compose new message
V: see saved messages
B: goto the bottom of the list
N: goto next day

Alt+I: show incoming messages
Alt+O: show outgoing messages and calls
Alt+P: show all phone calls, incoming and outgoing
Alt+S: show SMS messages
Alt+V: show voicemail messages
Alt+M: show MMS messages
Alt+Enter: another way to compose a message

W: week view
A: agenda view
M: month view
D: day view (keyboard shortcuts don't work on Day view if you have 'Enable Quick Entry=On'. I turned mine off as its so fast to create a new appointment by pressing enter)
G: goto date
T: goto today
C: compose new appointment
Enter: compose new appointment
N: next day/month
P: previous day/month

R: reload
Y: history
U: hide/show top status bar
I: zoom in
O: zoom out
P: page info, possible to copy or email the URL
A: add bookmark
S: settings
D: close browser
F: find on page
G: goto ULR, also shows web search, bookmarks and recent history
H: goto home page
J: refresh page wirh java enabled
K: show bookmarks
C: connecton info
V: search for on page/find next on page
T: top
B: bottom
N: forward