Just forget about Doom2

It is a dark day, after trying long and hard to fix my flatmates laptop I have to admit defeat. Trying to install an OS on a computer with no working floppy drive or CD drive is not easy. I was encouraged by the Boot to LAN - with PXE option the 3Com LAN card gave on start up. But after many hrs of trying to set my PC up as a DHCP/TFTP linux server to remote install the OS, I realised;

Budapest is a cool place
I know nothing about programming, I should have never bothered messing around with Linux, I was only guessing that the hard disk wasnt completely fried and it is probably time for a new laptop anyway. I realise that all this open source stuff must be a great idea but the amount of time and effort required, for someone who has only ever used MS-DOS and Windows, is kinda inhibitory. I was bored last week and printed off this great article that I have slowly been reading, its entertaining stuff..
"In The Beginning There Was The Command Line" read it here
originally written by Neal Stephenson but more recently updated by a code-monkey named garrett who gives its a bit of a fresh perspective..